The Gift


Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

Before we were even born that gift that GOD had meant for us was put within us as he created us. As you grew up, that gift sometimes laid dormant because some choose not to let that gift surface. However, but realized that their life will be better if that gift is manifested.

Sometime that gift lay dormant because we are afraid that we cannot put out what should be put out according to what that gift (singing) is because of singing in front of a crowd of people. However, if you trust and believe GOD, he will be there with you every step of the way. Don’t give up on what he gave you. Pray and ask him for strength to be that mighty singer or that mighty parent.

When you are ready to…

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Stop Domestic Violence



Stop Domestic Violence

Yes I had to removed the mask of being unhappy in a marriage where I was mentally and physically abused. I never wanted anyone to know because of what one may say but we all have experienced something. Just that some worse than others. Once I forgave and started the healing to become whole within self I had to REMOVE THE MASK.

The layers didn’t want to come off because it was easier to stay in that place then I realized I wanted to LIVE LAUGH LOVE and be all my Father said I could be with no REGRETS.

Release that MASK my sister my brother it’s time. I spent to many years there but I thank God for the 3 beautiful gifts he gave me from that marriage. I wouldn’t give nothing for those 3 blessings that came from that marriage but I had to put…

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Paparazzi Jewelry


I come in contact with many women who loves jewelry but does not have the budget to buy. As some ladies kept admiring certain pieces of mind I shared with them where I purchase and they was shocked.

They didn’t expect me to be wearing $5 jewelry. What I have shared for years with my clothes, it’s not how much something cost it’s how you wear it. You can make $5 jewelry looks like it cost so much more.

Helping women to understand that looking beautiful comes within yet if they want to show that on the outside they can do it with Paparazzi as it will not break them.


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