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It’s time to stop living like life doesn’t exist.  He wants you to Live and abundant life, so get up and enjoy the life you have until you recieve the life you desire.

God Bless You Much Love Pastor Peters

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Divine Diva Book Club is in the Houston Area, I will be starting one on-line soon as well however if you would like to join us just connect with me via FaceBook or you can leave a comment below and I will connect back with you.

GOD Bless You Much Love

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Footprints in the Sand


“Footprints in the Sand”

One night I had a dream…

I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord, and Across the sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; One belonged to me, and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of my life flashed before us, I looked back at the footprints in the sand. I noticed that many times along the path of my life, There was only one set of footprints.

I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in my life This really bothered me, and I questioned the Lord about it. “Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, You would walk with me all the way; But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, There is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why in times when I needed you the most, you should leave me.

The Lord replied, “My precious, precious child. I love you, and I would never, never leave you during your times of trial and suffering. When you saw only one set of footprints, It was then that I carried you.

Women of Fath: Their Untold Stories Revealed



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