Life After


Some will say this is a cliche, but I’m one to say this is so me. If I looked like the hell I went through there would not be any pictures of me. If it was up to me no one would have ever known my testimony but it is part of my journey to helping other women to know their worth to know they are needed to know they have a purpose.

Life After Abuse hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth living.

I share this because I was in conversation with someone and they started sharing I said I understand what they did not know was I to am a SURVIVOR of domestic abuse. She looked at me and was like but you look like, I told her I do have good genes true enough but God spared me he protected me and healed me from years of…….I believe you look like what you been through because you gave into that thing.

Stop giving into abuse, illness, or whatever attacks from the world and stand on what God says and walk in it.

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