Believe in YOURSELF


One must understating going into your new or wanting new you must believe you can achieve any and all things you put your mind to.

Time to trust and believe that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

Walk in 2017 with a new mindset so you recieve all that is yours.

Be Bless




In life we play by the rules and regulations that may have been set before us by parents, grandparents or society. However when did we stop to see if that was good for self.

What may have worked for them may or may not work for you. If that is so and it is not working, then what you can do is re-design that which they gave you or design what you know is right for you. Either way seek GOD before you do so as to make sure you are not wasting your time.

We sometimes continue a tradition as that is what you think should be done, but why not have your own tradition. Since the passing of my mother I have not been one to celebrate the holidays much. However I told my good friend the other day that a change is about to take place and those holidays are about to come back to life for me.

I am tweaking what I know I need to do so that when I start it up it will be done right. One thing is to make sure you leave lasting memories for your children and grandchildren as well as others that you meet along the way.

If you are just existing, trying to fit in, or whatever that is not right then it is time to say enough is enough I must do what I’m to be doing for me and all else will fall into place with God’s help. AMEN

Remember, you only have one life so don’t let it go to waste and wait to long to enjoy it. No matter what age you are it is time to LIVE LOVE LAUGH if you have not been doing it. If you have continue like never before. LIVE as it is your last moment. GOD loves you and he wants nothing more than what’s best for you. AMEN

LIFE is not about where you are going however it is about the journey you will be on going there…..GOD has you. Get out of your own way and live LIFE.

Life After



Some will say this is a cliche, but I’m one to say this is so me. If I looked like the hell I went through there would not be any pictures of me. If it was up to me no one would have ever known my testimony but it is part of my journey to helping other women to know their worth to know they are needed to know they have a purpose.

Life After Abuse hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth living.

I share this because I was in conversation with someone and they started sharing I said I understand what they did not know was I to am a SURVIVOR of domestic abuse. She looked at me and was like but you look like, I told her I do have good genes true enough but God spared me he protected me and healed me from years of…….I…

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