To go forward you must LET GO OF THE PAST.  We, as GOD’s children should not let nothing and I mean nothing keep us from where Jesus wants us to be or where he wants to take us.
Yes it will be hard, the price might even be high but it will be worth it in order to be in alignment with the Father.  Our past is the price, however, with GOD’s help we can get passed the past.  We have to acknowledge that our past is part of who we are as well as who we have become to our Father.  Our past not just the good but the bad as well was used to transform us into that person that GOD wanted us to be.
LET IT GO so you can live the life that was designed for you Woman of GOD.  Let’s not let nothing keep us in bondage, release the past today.  The Holy Spirit will help you to let go fully of your past.  Once you have done that you wil then be on the road to where the LORD wants you to be.  
Remember when you became saved your thought pattern had to change by reading the word.  The word helps to transform your mindset and start you on your journey of being RESTORED, RENEWED, and REDEFINED.  PRAISE GOD.  
In the book of Luke Chapter 9 verse 62, it states that “But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”   LET IT GO